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Read the story as it happened. Starting with the first e-mail I sent to my family and friends, I've compiled my updates I wrote as the story unfolded. Take a few minutes to experience More Great as those who love me did. 

Update 27B: June 22

Melody Raines

I hiked up the hill to the fitness center today. Veena was walking on a
treadmill as she watched THE BIGGEST LOSER. After I jogged a third of a
mile, she started talking to me about the show. I yanked out my earbuds and turned off my iPod. By the time I sat down on the leg extension machine, she had asked me the dreaded question, "Where do you work?" I sheepishly explained that I'm not working right now. "I'm doing chemo treatments, and this [exercising] is my work." We had the inevitable conversation about how prevalent cancer is these days. And, as usual, that conversation led to the one about the high percentage of breast cancer survivors. We talked about my hair and how long I've been in Austin. Finally we quit talking about me.
I asked if she worked during the day. She started her story. She recently
returned to work at the Spicewood Springs library. She had taken time off
because she lost a child. Seven weeks ago she gave birth. Her daughter died
an hour later. She sat in the window and cried as she talked about meeting
other mothers at the children's cemetery. One mother lost her nine-year-old
daughter to brain cancer. Veena was glad her daughter didn't have to suffer.
I'm meeting Veena at the fitness center again on Sunday at 9 AM. If you have time, will you please reply to this and tell Veena and her husband you're praying for them? I'd love to paste all your replies together and hand them to her. If you get this after Sunday, please reply anyway. I'll keep
compiling your notes and passing them on as they come. I know there's a
whole army praying for me. I'd love for Veena to know you're praying for
her too.
Thanks, friends,
"Epaphrus, who is one of you and a servant of Christ Jesus, sends greetings.
He is always wrestling in prayer for you" (Colossians 4:12).