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"God was more great than we believed."

Some may call this a story of suffering. Others may call it a leap-of-faith adventure. But for me, it was a knee bender. Even now when I read it, God speaks humility and hope to me, and I bow again. I don’t know what’s going on in your life or what’s to come. But I’m praying that God’s grace in these pages will overwhelm you and you will bow with me. And I’m praying that you will be able to say what Martha said when her brother, Lazarus, was dead: “Yes, Lord, I believe” (John 11:27). Then, like Martha, watch what happens next. —Melody

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Can’t remember the last time I read something so captivating.

– @BaylorProud

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Wow. I laughed and cried and laughed and cried some more. Your story is so powerful; when I had to put it down, I was compelled to talk to Jesus — just to be in His presence and thank Him. I’ll say it again wow. Thank you for sharing this story.

-Marissa, Texas


I couldn’t put it down. … I stayed up past 1:00 a.m. reading. I got up this morning, began again amid coffee and cinnamon rolls, and just now finished.
It truly blessed me and reminded me of God’s faithfulness I overlook every day.

-Alexia, Texas

“put my path in his hands”

I just started your book yesterday afternoon and let me tell you it is SOOOO what I need right now. I have very recently started going back to church because I felt I needed to be closer to God. I also recently decided to put my path in his hands and see where he leads me. … I cannot tell you how many times I have stopped reading because I felt the need to pray nor how many times I have gotten chill bumps from head to toe. Your book is DEFINITELY what I needed to read RIGHT NOW.

– Rene, Mississippi

loving the family

After reading chapter three, I called my mom.

-Doug, Pennsylvania

“the purpose of community”

I was really struck by the purpose of community in fulfilling Christ on earth.

-Janna, Sudan

“God’s greatness, faithfulness and abundant love”

I spent the last day or so reliving your story and rejoicing over God’s greatness, faithfulness and abundant love for us. Your story was such an encouragement that I wanted to read it all quickly; now I want to go back and take some time to chew on the many deep truths and reflect on the Scripture passages. I cried . . . first in the introduction about God’s greatness through history, then as your friend as you faced suffering, then as a mom when I thought about your mom. I’m excited to share this with others.  

-Kandace, Virginia


[My friend who read your book] told me she’s going to start reading the Bible. I think she’s going to start with Psalms.

-Jennifer, New Hampshire

“I reaped many insights to apply to my life”

OK I just read the whole book in one sitting – I never do that. WOW! I found your book to be so insightful. Your story is amazing and I have reaped many insights to apply to my life. I’m sure as I look back over I will see more. I loved your God stories and how real He was to you and is to us. You were honest, humble, and broken as God led you through this journey. Thank you for being willing to share and may He receive the glory.

-Cherie, Texas


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