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Read the story as it happened. Starting with the first e-mail I sent to my family and friends, I've compiled my updates I wrote as the story unfolded. Take a few minutes to experience More Great as those who love me did. 

Update 19: February 8

Melody Raines

My friend Erin recently had her portrait made by Bill Bastas
(, one of the best photographers in Austin. Between poses,
she found out Bill's wife died of cancer in April. He's currently working on
a book of Austin's breast cancer survivors. All proceeds will benefit
our local breast cancer organizations. So last week Erin took me to meet
Bill. I've attached my picture and essay for THE SMILE NEVER FADES.
Fortunately, Erin didn't take me to get my picture made until after two
generous Austinites gave me their blood. My hemoglobin is now back up to 10
g/dL, and the nurse said I'm pink again. Then she told me to quit eating so
much spinach. Because spinach is high in iron, I'd been eating two servings
a day to combat my anemia. Did you know vitamin K causes our blood to clot?
One cup of spinach has 1120% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin K.
Oops. No wonder I'm on blood thinners.
No, that was not a typo. 1120%!!!
"She can laugh at the days to come" (Proverbs 31:25).